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Best Hair Time

The number one principle of Better Hair Transplant Clinics is to provide each and every patient with a bespoke individual plan of attention and care from our qualified surgical professionals to ensure that they can enjoy a lifetime of natural looking hair.

We only employ the UK’s leading hair restoration surgeons with extensive experience in both the United Kingdom and the United States to ensure that our quality is second to none. With some of our team having undergone hair restoration surgery themselves, they understand that it will be a life-changing experience and not simply another medical procedure.

Our mission is to provide excellence in hair transplant surgery. Utilising the most advanced surgical techniques combined with the latest thinking, we are able to consistently perform exceptional and natural looking hair transplantation. By focusing on every aspect of each individual patient throughout their hair restoration surgery experience starting with their first consultation and continuing through every follow up visit until completion. With Better Hair Transplant Clinics, every one of our patients know that they are going to receive the pinnacle in artistry, quality and value with our bespoke individual treatment plans, attention to detail and impeccable reputation.